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A Letter to My False Accusers and to the Their Victims

A Letter to My False Accusers and to the Their Victims,

When writing this letter, one might think that the following words in this letter are going to be spiteful and hold a vengeful connotation.  However, one of the things that enlightened my soul was to call my false accusers on their wrong-doings, release the anger and resentment, and obtain a higher level of self-awareness instead of all those pesty little negative feelings that lead to misery and sadness. Walking into a light of joyfulness and compassion is what I have walked into and out of the room of negativity. If there is something I want all the victims of false accusers to realize is the enlightenment you are about to embark on.  The journey to healing the pain from being wrongfully accused is just one realization away.  Grant yourself permission to feel, love, hurt and forgive.  Self-Love is the beginning to a beautiful beginning.

Whether you believe in a higher power or another type of spiritual avenue, one cannot deny that being negative is exhausting and draining.  I believe in Law of Attraction and that in which what you put out into the world is what you will receive back.  I have put the “Law of Attraction” to the test many of times. I write this letter with this belief system in mind, and I write this letter for all those who struggle daily with people who have falsely accused them of anything.  Some false accusations lead to severe consequences and some lead to minor consequences from false accusations.  Either or can create mistrust, misinformation, feelings of hopelessness and complete utter disloyalty within humanity.  When I began working on myself from the damage my false accusers had created, I realized that my healing process began with understanding “why?” Why did this happen to me?  Why so many lies, misinformation and injustice?

Before addressing false accusers and victims I want to emphasize how everyone views humanity in different ways.  I suspect my accusers have jumped to read this letter to gain more bitterness and misery and release their negativity onto me or others.  It is what false accusers do best. To my false accusers, the biggest thing that you lost in your wave of lies, misinformation and deceit, is the ability to be human, to practice humanity. For my false accusers to understand the full content of their destruction a definition of humanity must be spelled out. The technical definition of humanity is the “collective race of humans but includes the kind feelings of humans between each other.”

 One of the aspects I noticed with false accusers is their inability to learn and research.  Accusers lack the capability to learn the truth because they enjoy gaining false worth about themselves through living a false narrative.  That sounds as if I am cutting false accusers down, but I am helping them realize that their self-love and worth has gone to “heck in a handbag.”  The only way to begin to change is realizing you need to change, and you are hurting people. You know the old saying, “you cannot begin to correct yourself until you admit there is a problem.”

The biggest problem with a false accuser is that they create a domino effect amongst their victim’s family, friends, and lifestyle.  False accusers have no ability to feel or comprehend the damage that they do.  Unfortunately, they leave emotional carnage in their wake. Do they know better, is the question of the century? To my false accusers, you did know better, but lacked the emotional intelligence to find compassion, love, and begin a journey of your own.  My false accusers wanted what I had and expected it to be given to them instead of working hard to achieve success.  Jealousy is one of the many motivators of false accusers.  False accuser your desire to destroy another person stems from your inability to process jealousy on a mature level.  False accusers usually seek what you have.  Another words, if they cannot have what you have, they will, in their mind, kindly help you lose it all.  However, in my case, my false accusers were driven by sociopathic behaviors, jealousy, and the need to feel important while destroying another person’s life.  Destruction fuels false accusers.

It is the choice of the victim to take the road to be stronger and healthier.  I ended up being better than I was before the false accusations. I never thought I would ever feel this free after not being free for so long. Freedom does not just mean being released from custody.  I realized that I have kept myself in a prison, in my mind, my whole life.  I lived through a gross amount of trauma.  These traumas were significantly debilitating and destructive for my ability to self-love.  Giving my age away, I took the path of the bionic man or woman. I have been built up better, stronger, more self-reliant and I have reached self-actualization. Without my false accusers this would not have been possible.  So maybe in some sadistic way, I need to say thank you.

I am here as a whole person to guide you, both false accuser and victim, that in which you failed to do for yourself.  To guide you towards self-actualization and the ability to feel something.  Feeling and emphasizing is grossly missing with false accusers.  To my false accusers, your energy is fueled by misery and hurt of others. You begin each day disguising your hatred in the form of “doing good” and making your victim the monster.  The real monster lays within you, unable to care, empathize or even relate to what your victim or victims would feel.  Your ability to “walk in another’s shoes” has left your emotional vocabulary. You become happy when another suffers and hurts, that in which most of false accusers celebrate or laugh at another’s misfortune.  Celebrating another’s destruction is the true definition of what a monster is made of.  My accusers lied to protect themselves even when it meant destruction of a family. However, in my journey of spiritualism, I have discovered that I don’t have to lift a finger or even put effort into making sure my accusers come to justice or experience the pain inflicted upon innocence. 

Karma is a real energy that comes around to every one of us.  I have always stated to clients and others, “if you were to be given a house on the amount of empathy and help you have been to others, what house would be built for you?” I feel very saddened by what my false accusers will and have experienced.  I feel for you because I do hold the empathetic emotional vocabulary that you fail to hold inside yourself.  I believe that when you hurt others it will return to you 5 times fold. 

We are all here, on this earth,  to learn lessons and lessons can be hard to learn as well as emotionally tormenting. As the victims, you begin healing from the trauma by first realizing that there is no understanding of why false accusers follow through on such vengeful behavior.  Vengeance is the best answer to why.   For the victims out there, vengeance seems to be the vitamin that powers a false accuser.  For false accusers this power helps them feel good about themselves, it provides a purpose.  Purpose is not always positive; purpose just must fill the gap that has been so absent from false accusers for so long.

That is the best answer, from a professional psychology major that I can give.  From experience, education, and everyday life, it sums a lot of what drives false accusers to ultimately destroy people and their families.  There is no easy way, no matter what degree a false accuser has victimized you, that recovering from such a devastating act will be easy.  It will never be easy.  It will be worth it, if you are willing to forgive and allow the negative energy and your higher power to initiate the punishment.  When I gave my hurt, anger, vengeful thoughts, negative thinking, and array of negative feelings over to the “empty valley”, I opened doors of hope, love, new opportunities, and my own life purpose.  The “empty valley” to me is a place, within my mind, that I send feelings that create more harm for my soul purpose than good.

False accusers are like rapists.  The steal your dignity, self-worth and rob you of your rights to satisfy their own right of passage, or so they believe.  So, when you are down and out, remember your false accuser is a rapist.  Rapists have no moral, no ability to feel and no ability to weigh how their actions influence others.  I would even go as far as to say that false accusers have limited feelings that relate well to sociopaths.  Many false accusers will call their victims sociopaths to increase their own worthiness and self-gains.  Much like a rapist blames their victim for being raped.  Are you following why I concluded the close parallel?

Please take this letter as not only a message to the false accuser, but the beginning of healing for those who have been victimized by a false accuser. I am writing a book that will include all these negative feelings and how to deal with false accusers.  If you have story, I would love to hear it.  I would love to include your story within my book.  Your identity will be anonymous and only if you ask will your name be mentioned.  The best way to begin the healing process is to tell your story and to know you are not alone.  Self-love and calling false accusers on their shit is the beginning of a better you!


Respectfully Written;


The Victim

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  • Yes I am a victim I was accused of stalking went to court knowing I was innocent I was not even in town I was a truck driver otr I’m female all my prof I had with me the judge refused to accept it an charged me with stalking I am still devastated because it put me out as a felon and I can’t do anything to change it I wish I could because it makes me look bad about something I did not do or would ever do when I’m done with someone I leave never to talk to them again and that’s what happen here


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