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Be Who You Are! Regardless of This Chaos!

Be Who You Are! Regardless of This Chaos!

In a world full of confusion and chaos you may ask “How can I Be Myself” without JUDGMENT and RIDICULE?  The answer is simple “YOU CAN’T”! You cannot Control other people or how they may react you what you communicate, believe or behave. The only person you can control is YOURSELF. The INNER-SELF SECRET is just that, do and live the way your INNER-SELF feels is ethical, moral and helps you grow emotionally, physically, behaviorally, and spiritually as a person. The trick to being yourself is to control how you REACT to the negativity, stressors, and upsetting behaviors of other people around you.  

“BEING YOURSELF” brings peace within. One of the worst things to feel is that someone is going to find out that you are not telling the truth or misleading people so that you “FIT IN”!   You do not want to fit in to what society wants you to do. This will not only decrease your self-esteem, but it will create a false presentation of WHO YOU ARE and what your true hopes, dreams and desires are.  I find that when someone does not do things for themselves and lives for others, they become lost and drop their individuality.  We were all created to have different desires, likes, dislikes, skills, cognitive abilities, ideas, opinions for a reason.  That reason is easy to identify!  The reason is so that WE COULD ADD OUR UNIQUENESS TO THE EQUATION.  When we cheat ourselves from “BEING OURSELVES”, there is a good chance we give up opportunity and success. 

 The individuality and uniqueness of each person is what creates a blend of success.  When we add qualities to anything, for example a work project, it may stand out amongst the others, because everyone has a piece of their dream within the project.  Having only one or two aspects makes the project boring and not eclectic (many personalities).  If you find yourself living others dreams “YOU WILL LOSE YOURS AND YOUR FEELINGS OF BEING WHOLE.”  Anyone who asks you to change to their opinion by bullying, cruelness or ultimatums is not a person who wishes and wants the best for you.  They are seeking “kingness or queeness.”  That is my own terminology for stealing your personality so that another person can gain self-esteem on being superior or acting superior towards another.    

NO ONE IS SUPERIOR TO ANOTHER!  Keep that in mind when you begin acting outside of WHO YOU ARE! BECOME WHO YOU ARE! We can help you achieve the true you!

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