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Negative Nellies and Nel's Can Bring Down Your Ability for Success!

So being around people with negative attitudes daily drain my energy and drain my bubbly personality. So how do you end the cycle of surrounding yourself with “negative Nellies and Nels?” As a group of us sat around the table and talked, a gentleman who is interested in me, began to speak about old times and things that made me feel good about who I am as a person. Where I can go and kept shooting off ideas of where my business can go! This is positive energy! My surrounding individuals began to take notice of the difference of my expressions, mannerisms and over all attitude about life.
I had found myself smiling for the first time in a long time. I do not mean that fake smile we put on to allow others to know that we are ok, but a true, “I feel good smile.” I have had this horrible magnet attached to me that attracts all the people who speak negativity into existence. I no longer what a person who lacks the effort into loving me, accepting who I am, and supporting my dreams and goals? I do not know about you, but I can feel, sense and physically react to when someone is always speaking negative. This negative person always speaks of how a disaster is always around the corner and everything terrible has happened to them. It feels as if you become part of the “who has had the worse life” Olympics. I have had my share of trauma and in time I have learned to use coping strategies to deal with the “trauma brain.”
It was fabulous to be in the presence of positivity rather than the nausea of negativity. Learning to choose the right people is a skill and a skill that can be learned. Through my experience of weeding out the “dud’s” and keeping the diamonds. Never think that you are too old to love again and to feel those butterflies. You are now old enough to appreciate them more than when you were young!!!!

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