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Self-Love Seminar Information

Welcome Letter/Introduction to Self-Love

 Welcome to My Seminar: Gaining Self-Love after Trauma and or Just Simply Learning to Love Yourself! You could be learning Self-Love for the first time or learning Self-Love OVER again because of something tragic or simply because you lost yourself.  I am Dr. Welling and I know what you are going through, to a point.  No one feels the same way, but I have been through severe trauma, and I had never learned to love myself until about five years ago.  That is a hard thing to say being a psychotherapist for so many years, now a trauma specialist. In that admission, I can honestly say, I can help set you free.  Reminding you of the adage “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.”  I thought I loved myself and my life, but I assumed incorrectly.  All those years, I was tricked into believing that being a woman, independent, significant other, daughter, therapist, writer, developer, that life roles are what provided self-love. I was taught to believe sacrifice was supposed to be part of success. Sound Familiar?

What you will gain from this course is what I gained, when I turned to someone just like me and began to teach this seminar.  Self-love means accepting yourself as you are in this very moment, as well as what you have experienced or personal journeys that only you can truly relate to.  Self-love is all these personal battles and accepting yourself for everything that you are. It means accepting your emotions for what they are and putting your physical, emotional, and mental well-being first. So now we know that self-love motivates you to make healthy choices in your life. So, let us begin this course believing that you CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING!

What are you about to Encounter?  Where will this course take you?  How will you stop the hurt? When will you feel normal again? Did you spend all this money for nothing? There are so many questions running through your mind right now. With so many different programs that address self-love after trauma and self-love in general, it is so hard to determine what program will work for you. Allow me to explain how the course will be structured and some highlights of how you will get from Point A= not loving yourself to point B= Learning, then to the Solution C= Self-Love and accepting you for who you are.

You found the right person to take this journey with you.  I am honored to share this life changing journey that you are about to embark on.  The Seminar is set up with 7 modules.  There will be a workbook or exercises for each module that I will assist you with in the video.  These exercises are important, but know that if you cannot complete one immediately, give yourself permission to return later to complete the exercise that you were unable to complete. There will be days that you fill invincible and other days that you will feel like you will not be able to make it through this course.  Facing, what you believe to be your “own demons,” will result in a positive outcome because wants you face your fear you can defeat it! Be Okay with not Being Okay! Give yourself permission to struggle through!

This course will help you accomplish a lot of goals, some basic and some personal.  The following are goals that are basic:

  1. You will realize your value and that what you have to offer is unique and important.
  2. After you can realize your value, you then will be able to build a confidence level that will be noticed by all when you walk into a room. This goal comes quickly once you can identify with your value.
  3. Be willing to grow and invest in yourself. This does not always mean money.  This could mean working out, eating healthy, practicing meditation, taking time out to relax or spend time with family.
  4. You will STOP comparing yourself to others.
  5. Greater Resilience and able to problem solve with confidence and compassion.

Through these modules, I will address each of the internal questions you are asking as well as helping you accomplish the goals above and your personal goals.  It is okay to feel scared, or even skeptical. These are signs of the modern-day world and a sign that you have been through trauma and distrust peoples’ motives, especially those of you who have survived some type of abuse from another.  It takes time to build trust with someone and to build trust within yourself!

What I mean by “trust within yourself” is that as survivors of abuse or low self-worth and or love, you may question your own decisions and may doubt yourself with any type of problem-solving capabilities.  Within this seminar, I will teach you to trust yourself again so that you can begin knowing who to trust in your life and who not to trust.  There are also people taking this course who lost trust with people because of something that you may have done.  I will also teach you how to build trust with others whether you are the one that caused decrease in trust or the one who lost trust in another. This will establish confidence within you, that will bring you peace of mind and the ability to love everyday knowing you can make mistakes and still learn and prosper from those mistakes.

As a survivor of severe abuse, sexual, physical, and emotional, I doubted my very being and what I was put on this earth to do.  Does this sound like you?  Even people who do not have abuse and severe trauma in their background, do you feel as if you don’t matter? Tired all the time? Lack the passion to even better yourself because you don’t feel worthy?  This course addresses your lack of self-love and self-worth to. 

A misconception so widely believed is that people are born with self-love, high self-esteem, and basic abilities to know you can do anything.  This just is not true.  Self-love must be taught just as Math, English or any other subject.  Even if you learn self-love, you can lose it in a heartbeat by the abuse of our World, trauma, and bad relationships.  Many things can create self-doubt, which will then cause negative thinking patterns that will result in lack of self-love and or worth.  I compare it all the time to a person who has an addiction problem.  You must constantly monitor how you are processing the world around you to prevent relapse.  In this case, relapsing into the old behaviors of negative thinking patterns will begin again.  I refer to this as “Trauma Brain.” Did you know that there is a part of the brain physically affected by lack of self-love and trauma?  Trauma can cause your brain to remain in a state of hypervigilance, suppressing your memory and impulse control and trapping you in a constant state of strong emotional reactivity.  When I use the terminology “trauma brain” this is what I am referring to. 

I remember a time, not too long ago, where my days ran together, and I spread myself so thin that I could barely enjoy life, or even enjoy a day off.  I felt drained and exhausted.  There was nothing left in the “proverbial well.” My self-worth was directly affected because I did not have the skills or time to take care of my own needs.  How was I going to take care of my clients, if I could not take care of myself? The following are symptoms related to someone who lacks self-love:

  • Depression / sadness.
  • Low mood.
  • Avoiding of social situations.
  • Feelings of inadequacy.
  • Comparing self negatively to others.
  • Difficulty accepting compliments.
  • Neglect of own needs, particularly emotional ones.


When you read this, do not immediately get depressed and think it is impossible to heal.  If you are feeling these symptoms, you have made the right choice in working on changing the way you love and accept yourself.  You may be recovering from unhealthy relationships, being pulled into massive directions, distorted body image, recovering addict, loss of job, or deciding at this very moment to put yourself first by investing in yourself by taking this course, this seminar will provide you helpful tools and exercises that creates a life with purpose. 

With the use of affirmations, mantras, poems, educational materials, quotes, thought provoking statements, this seminar of modules talking about achieving self-love and self-worth. Opening yourself up to vulnerability is where magic happens.

These feelings will be normal, and I promise that it will be worth it to complete the course.  “Self-love is the fuel that allows an individual to reach their full potential, and it is filled with compassion, grace and gentleness (Megan Logan.)”

Look into your future and feel what self-love would feel like.  Self-Love can change your life on so many levels. Achieving Self-love can fuel your spirit from the inside out and give you energy without having to take pills or even supplements.  The natural change of thoughts that occur in your mind will produce more of the chemical that increases our energy, decreases depression, and relieves anxious symptoms. Learning these techniques will also change the “trauma brain.”

Living a life for yourself instead of what others want you to do feels like a dream right now, doesn’t it, but imagine being able to be happy with saying “no” and feeling EMPOWERED AND WORTHY! You will no longer feel trapped in the pursuit of hopeless despair in relationships.  The energy that you obtain from discovering self-love and self-wroth will propel you into the best version of yourself.  Obtaining self-love and self-worth comes from within and rapidly grows from within and then spreads to the outside world.  Self-Love allows you to make mistakes, forgive yourself, move towards self-actualization and always learn and grow.

For your decision to begin your journey please provide your address where a symbol of transformation will be sent to you.  I have meditated and thought hard into what I could give you to inspire your journey.  I make jewelry.  I decided to make each one who takes this course a butterfly bracelet or necklace, whichever you chose, to remind you of your transformation to a healthier, more accepting you.  I would need an address to send this gift to you.  If you are not comfortable in providing your address, please do not do so.  I am very understanding of trust issues and fear.  Remember, I have gone through severe trauma myself.  Anytime, during the seminar, if you feel more comfortable, you can provide your address to me through my personal email at lorettawellingbtc@gmail,com, you can also contact me at 330-257-9729

Thank you for this honor of being part of your journey.  It is my honor to hear, talk, inspire and be part of you journey to self-love and self-discovery.


Forever Love Yourself and Walk in Hope,


Loretta Welling M.Eds., Ph.D.