Life Coaching Services 60 min – breakingthechains
Life Coaching Services 60 min

Life Coaching Services 60 min

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Discounted Price- Life Coaching may be tax deductible as a business expense or refundable through your health insurance policy. One session of personal life coaching for one person for one hour. Coaching delivered via Telephone or Skype. Our mission is to provide healthier adaptation and coping skills to build effective strategies and to successfully transition through life changes, trauma, injustice, and other life circumstances.

• Assisting individuals with setting and achieving goals and objectives
• Blasting through blocks and fears
• Planning-business, career and life
• Problem Solving
• Making important life transitions
• Starting a business
• Making more money
• Finding an ideal career
• Finding an ideal partner
• Living an Ideal life by communicating powerfully and succinctly